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The September Issue is Here!

Melissa Walker-ScottComment
The September Issue is Here!

Hooray! The September (debut) issue of the magazine is here. I have passed out complimentary issues around the Village and mailed them to schools, wineries and local businesses etc.

I left a few large stacks around the Village yesterday and today (in front of Doc Burnstein's, restaurants etc). Was SO happy to see quite a few people picking them up!

If you missed getting a complimentary issue, you can always get one from the links below.

There are two versions offered of the magazine online. An economy version (which has a much lower quality paper and print) and the premium version (which is the one that is passed around town and mailed out). The premium version has great cardstock, luxe paper which adds to the content inside! 

Sadly, I wish I could pass out thousands of complimentary copies to everyone but until we get some notice and AD support, I can't up the print run just yet!  But hopefully someday soon I will be able to.

Help get the word out! Help us get some local Middle School and High School kids from Arroyo Grande to submit their artwork and photography, or write an article about something they are passionate about. Remember this is a community magazine after all!  Want to buy and AD or talk about a possible feature, contact us.  

October's issue is almost complete and will most likely be out and passed around town in early October so keep an eye out and THANK YOU to all that have helped us get started!!!


Melissa Walker-Scott