Melissa Walker-ScottComment

The Debut issue (September 2017) is out and getting a great response!

Melissa Walker-ScottComment

Hello everyone!!  The FIRST issue of the magazine is printed and distributed all around the village and surrounding areas.  We have gotten a wonderful response so far and are really happy that you all are pleased with the outcome!  If you missed getting one of the free copies around town, you can always purchase as copy from the link below.  The link  below is for a copy of the exact version we print and give away.

Note - We do offer economy versions of the magazine and PDF/Ebook versions as well on the same site. Just be aware that the economy version is printed on a much cheaper paper stock than the one we print and pass around town, so the product will not be nearly as high quality as what you have seen already printed.  

Had a great time at the Harvest Festival and have lots of great content and local color in the second issue (October 2017). 

The October issue is almost complete and should be available around the town October 15th!!


Thanks for checking in and drop us a line!


Melissa Walker-Scott

 - Publisher